What is Systemp?

Sys-TEMP is a web based, temp labour management, control and finance system designed to be instantly accessible from anywhere. With User level controlled access, Sys-TEMP works in virtual real time and delivers a templated, compliant labour supply, whilst consolidating the administration, operational and pay/charge functions.

Sector Implementation

Sys-TEMP is designed to handle any type of temporary labour, from IT staff to drivers, nurses to warehouse, commercial to catering staff and much more.

Sys-TEMP, through it’s definable templated design is able to easily control and manage all of your temporary labour bookings, compliance, charging, invoicing, pay and admin functions.

To define a new sector, discipline, category or skill is a simple process…

By developing the system in a linear selection format, Sys-TEMP is able to facilitate the management of requirements in any sector, discipline, job category and skill level.


What are the benefits?

Sys-TEMP delivers a multitude of benefits to our clients, targeting compliant supply whilst dramatically reducing the cost burden of ongoing and increasing administration. Sys-TEMP provides all users with the necessary tools to deliver a streamlined, cost effective service.

Minimises compliance exposures and maximises best practice.

Automates, standardises and consolidates operational, administrational and financial processes.

Improves cashflow and margins through standardised terms, management information and business management tools.

Delivers easily accessed, auditable accountability, records management and management information.

Dramatically improves operational and business visibility and communication.

Saves money, headcount and minimises labour management and admin cost exposures.


User Management

Sys-TEMP allows each company to define their operators user access to one of three levels, each level has a defined level of operating and functionality, designed to allow each level of worker to work seamlessly within their defined roles.


Administrator: Total system functionality, access to all system reports, functionality and mechanisms, able to create new users and reset passwords.


Manager: Access to most system functionality and reporting, unable to reset passwords or add new users.


User: Basic level access, able to operate day to day process and functions, limited reports access, unable to add users or reset passwords.


Sys-TEMP administration suite offers the users an array of tools and definable reports allowing extensive management information to be extracted by Client / Site/ Category/Work and Date.

This info can be exported into PDF, Printed or CSV file formats. The tools offer all a consultant needs to deal with the day to day management of temp labour supply.


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